Multiplayer Chess Systems
Beyond The Fourth Row
This game maintains every chess rule, adds no extra squares, and is drawn on a square board with no empty areas to make it work - while allowing for multiple players; in theory it accommodates an infinite number of players.  This is the holy grail of multiplayer chess.

The first board pictured is the regular board, the second is the theory board.  I explain the game in the below video.

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The kit consists of a box, 18x18 quad fold board, 82 page 6x9 full color book, 64 pieces, and a few extras.  The book can be purchased seperately as a cost-effective measure for hobbyists who want to draw a board and paint their own pieces.

Multiple boards can be placed together providing for more than four players (see book).  At which point a winner-take-all game may be best, where the king is a normal piece and there's no checks or checkmates.
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(Due to producing products through print on demand technology, there's usually a delay upwards of two weeks from order date until receiving an item, if stock is low.  Small production runs also result in a high price point, which is why the book is a stand alone game for the hobbyist).